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Energy Gizmo
Recycle Me Enter a Number kwh
Cans of coke 0.4
Newspaper 0.24
Plastic bottle 0.38
Glass bottle 0.05
Total 0.84
Appliance Time How many times can be used based on energy saving  
Immersion heater 1h    
Electric fire 1h    
Oil-filled radiator 1h    
Electric shower 10m    
Dishwasher 40m    
Washing machine 1h    
Tumble dryer 1h    
Iron 20m    
Vacuum cleaner 20m    
Towel rail 1h    
Deep fryer 10m    
Toaster 5m    
Kettle 5m    
Microwave 10m    
Oven 1h    
Grill/hob 1h    
Extractor fan 1h    
Fridge 1h    
Fridge-freezer 1h    
Freezer 1h    
Electric mower 1h    
Hairdryer 20m    
Heating blanket 1h    
Plasma TV 1h    
LCD TV 1h    
Video, DVD or CD 1h    
TV box 1h    
Games console 1h    
Laptop 1h    
Desktop computer 1h  
Tablet (charge) 1h    
Broadband router 1h    
Smart phone (charge) 1h    
One light bulb 1h