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Where Does Energy Come From?

Quiz - Where does energy come from quiz

Question 1

What type of fuels are oil, coal and gas ?

Question 2

What mechanical device is used to make electricity

Question 3

What are atoms made of ?

You got answers right out of 3

There are 10 bonus points when you get all the right answers.

Where Does Energy Come From

The three major fossil fuels are coal, oil and gas.  They are made from the organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals that have been buried deep in the earth for millions of years.

These fuels are extracted from the earth and then burned to great energy.


Atoms are made of a positively charged central nucleus and negatively charged electrons which float around the outside of the nucleus.

When atoms come together in a group to form materials (such as metals) the electrons are able to move jump around and flow between the atoms.  

These materials are called conductors and this flow of electrons is what we know as electricity.