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Water Quest

Quiz - Water

Question 1

How much of the earth's surface is covered in water ?

Question 2

How much of all of the water could we drink today ?

You got answers right out of 2

There are 10 bonus points when you get all the right answers.

Where does water come from

There is no such thing as ‘new’ water.  All the water that we have today on the planet is the same water that we have always had. 

Water makes up 70 % of the earth’s surface, so why do we need to be concerned about reducing what we use?

• 97% of it is salty, so drinking it will make you sick.

• 3% is freshwater. Of this small amount of freshwater, 75% of it is frozen.  The means that only around 1% of all the water available is left to be used by all of the people, animals and plants on the planet.

Just because we have more than our fair share of rain, lochs and rivers in Scotland, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use our tap water wisely.

Mother nature recycles the water from the ground or sea to the air, collects it in clouds and sends it back down to earth in rain.   We collect this water in reservoirs and clean it up so that we can use it in our homes.  Collecting, cleaning and pumping this water uses energy - so although the water itself is ‘free’, “man-made” or “Urban” water recycling uses energy to power the water treatment plants and to power the pumps and machinery needed to get the water to us.

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