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{{me.userName}}’s Carbon Diary

Hi {{me.userName}} Fill in your diary to bank carbon and save the planet. By banking carbon you’ll be helping to stop global warming, plus you’ll be saving your island by lowering the sea level

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Choose something else rather than a burger to eat

Decided not to use cooker/toaser/microwave for a snack

Drink tap water instead of bottled water

T-shirt (give or get secondhand)

Pair of jeans (give or get secondhand)

Pair of socks (give or get secondhand)

Hoodie (give or get secondhand)

Shirt (give or get secondhand)

Recycle a newspaper or a magazine

Recycle an aluminium can

Recycle a plastic bottle

Walk rather than take a car/lift in a car

Take your bike rather than take a car/lift in a car