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Your password is a number (ask your teacher if you can't remember)

Climate Challenge Help

This is the place to get help and to answer your questions: all the tips and tricks about how the Climate Challenge website works

Common Questions

We try really hard to make the amount of carbon saved accurate. We check with various industry and scientific sources to find the most reliable carbon savings for everything in the diary. But we do rely on players only recording things they REALLY did this week in their diaries. Teachers and team-mates can help to check that every player is getting it right.

if you're a player, ask your teacher for help. Teachers can see their pupils' usernames and passwords on the staffroom page.

If you're a teacher. Email and we'll help you to log in.

You can get more points to put buildings on your island by reading another article in one of the learning channels. There are loads of stories, games and videos you can do, and you get points for every one.

You get QUEST points for doing quests. You get CAPTURE points for doing great things for your diary. All the points are added together for the SCORES page.

You need both kinds of points for your ISLAND. Capture points make the sea go down. Quest points buy more buildings and people for your island.