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This page shows some other things that could be done equivalent to the carbon we have captured... it shows how big our achievement is. What would you do with it?

What could you do with 1,000 kg CO2 ?

It is estimated that running shoes or trainers produce between 14 and 41 kg of CO2 to make per pair. If we assume 20 kg CO2 then saving just 100kg of CO2 could be the equivalent of making 5 pairs of trainers.  Saving just 800kg of CO2 to produce over 40 pairs of new trainers !

Not eating 5 burgers could equate to a pair of trainers !

Edinburgh is about 155 miles awayyou could drive to Edinburgh and back over 3 times or drive from Inverness to Aberdeen and back 5 times or try Inverness to London and back once (just about).


What could you do with 5,000 kg CO2

One cup of black coffee (espresso) in the morning would produce 59g of CO2 or 0.059kg.

You could drink 84,745 cups of coffee for 5,000 kg CO2 which would be one every day for 232 years.

Checking your email daily for one year would produce 1.2kg of CO2.

You could check your email every day for the next 4,166 years for 5,000kg of CO2. 

Using your mobile phone for one hour a day for a year would produce 79kg of CO2. Calling a friend for an hour every day for the next 63 years would produce 5,000 tonnes of CO2!

You could power your house for a year with carbon left to spare (powering your house creates 3,114kg of CO2).

A pet dog produces around 1,750 kg CO2 per year - you could have 2 dogs and 1 cat (if they didnt fight).



What could you do with 10,000 kg CO2

10,000 kg is equal to 10 tonnes.

A medium sized car, travelling at an average speed of around 33mph would produce 430g CO2 per mile. This means you could drive for 2.3 miles emitting 1kg of CO2. 

You could almost drive the circumference of the earth (24,000 miles) for 10,000 kg CO2) but if you drove a bit slower than 33 mph or made sure your tyres were properly inflated then that extra 500 miles would be possible.

You could go on holiday to The Algarve in Portugal, as a family of 4, four times.

You could power your house with electricity for 4 years.

You could run an ambulance every day for a year.


What could you do with 20,000 kg CO2

Aukland in New Zealand is about 11,000 miles from Inverness. 1 person would spend 1,970 kg CO2 flying to New Zealand. A family of 4 could fly to New Zealand and back for less than 20,000 kg CO2.

You could power 7 houses for a yearor your own for 7 years.

 What could you do with 30,000 kg CO2

A bouquet of 12 red roses would produce 35kg of CO2.  You could send someone a bunch of roses every day for over 2 years for 30,000kg CO2or you could send someone valentines day roses every year for 850 years.

You could run an ambulance every day for 4 years.

You could get a new car (making one produces around 15,000 kgCO2 for a medium-sized one) and drive it for 35,000 miles (which also produces 15,000 kg CO2).

What could you do with 40,000 kg CO2

Everyone in Inverness could have twelve cups of espresso.

You could power 15 average houses for a year. (with average electricity consumption is 4,800 kWh per household producing 2,590 kg CO2 a year).

You could provide a pair of trainers for every pupil in Highland's schools !

What could you do with 50,000 kg CO2

The moon is 240,000 miles awayyou could drive almost half-way to the moon with 50,000 kg of CO2.

Rio De Janeiro in Brazil is 5,900 miles away.   If Scotland had qualified for the World Cup in 2014 the entire team of 11 plus all the allowed substitutes (12) could have been flown there and back for 50,000 kg CO2.and you could have gone along as well !

You could power 16 average houses for a year - the size of small streets !

What could you do with 75,000 kg CO2

You could build a house and heat it for 3 years and have a dog for 75,000 kgCO2

You could make everyone in Scotland at least one cup of tea and a slice of toast and still have spare.

What could you do with 100,000 kg CO2

You could run 10 ambulances every day for a year, or one ambulance for 10 years or you could get 5 new average-sized cars (they cost about 15,000 CO2).

5 families of 4 people could fly to New Zealand and back or 20 of you could all go together.

Everyone in Inverness could use their phone for 2 hours every day.

What could you do with 125,000 kg CO2

You could make 6,250 pairs of training shoes or you could build two houses or you could build 2 houses.

What could you do with 150,000 kg CO2

Watching TV for one hour would produce 88g of CO2.  Everyone in Highland could watch TV for an hour every night for week for 150,000 kg CO2.


What could you do with 210,000 kg CO2

You could build 3 houses and heat them with 210,000 kg CO2

You could heat 67 houses for a year or heat your house for nearly the rest of your life.

You could travel to the moon and back in a car but it might take longer than 10 weeks !

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