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How to Play The Island Game




Pick one of these topics:






What is the story of the Island?

There was a beautiful island. Then Climate Change made the sea level rise. The island is flooded, only the castle at the top of the island is above water.


By playing Climate Challenge, you can rescue your island.





How to get to the Island


First, log in to Climate Challenge. Your teacher can help you with this.

You need Quest Points to help your island, and you need to do your diary every week to make the sea level go down. Do these before going to the island.

Click the Island Button, and the island will appear.






How to move around the Island, and get closer or farther away

Hold down the left mouse button, and move the mouse around. You can fly round the island.

Click the Compass Icon  - the Navigation Menu will open.




The Zoom In button makes the island bigger.

The Zoom Out button makes the island smaller.





What to do next

The Speech Bubble tells you what to do next. 





How to put buildings on my island

If you have enough points, you can add buildings to your island.

Open the Shop by clicking the Plus Button. 


The little pictures show all the things you can buy on this level.

Click a little picture, to see the big picture, that says how many points you need.


Click on the big picture, and hold down the mouse button. You can drag the building onto your island.

You need to find an empty space on the island that is big enough.


If the square underneath your building is white, the space is big enough.

If the square is red, the space is too small. 




How to take buildings away

If you don't want a building any more click it, hold the mouse button down, and drop it over the clean up button.

If the Navigation Menu is closed, drag the building over the Compass Button




How to make the sea level go down

On every level, there are tasks to complete. The speech bubble tells you the next task.

When you've done all the tasks, the seal level goes down -  the island gets bigger.

If you do your diary this week, the island will get bigger, and you will be at a new level.

If you forget to do your diary for a whole week, the island gets smaller. But you can catch up the next week.




How to have the best island


When you get to level 6, you can make the island better by having more things that save carbon.

The cloud button opens the carbon meter 

Add or remove buildings to get the highest value in the Carbon Meter





Our progress towards the challenge target...

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