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Type in your player name properly

Your password is a number (ask your teacher if you can't remember)

Help for Players

Help for Players


Hello says the carbonator Hi! These are the things you need to do in Climate Challenge:






How to Log in

Your teacher will tell you your User Name and PIN number

 Type them in the right place

 Click on the Play Now button



When you're finished playing, you can log out 






When you do a Quest, you get points and badges

The Quests are on the LEARN page. Click the LEARN button

Click start to do this week's quest

Click the picture to do another quest

Do all the tasks to get a badge











This is the most important thing. Do all the good things you can that capture carbon. When you're at school and when you're at home, and when you're playing.

Click on your name to go to your Profile Page.

It has a list of all the things you can do at the bottom

All these things capture carbon, and help to slow down Climate Change






Doing your DIARY is the MOST IMPORTANT part of Climate Challenge.

Only add the things you REALLY did - so out carbon bank can be accurate.


For each item, click all the times you did it this week, since Saturday.

You can come back later in the week to add more things you did.

You can click to hear the instruction

After all the sections, I'll tell you how much points and carbon you got.






Click on 'To the Island' 

Wait for your Island to appear





Click the + button to show the shop. You can drag something from the shop onto your island.

You need to have enough Quest points to add things. If you need more points, do a a quest, then come back to the island.

Click the Compass button to show the other buttons - to make the island bigger or smaller, to rotate the last thing you put on the island, or to move a thing to the 'clean up' bin.

Click the Cloud button, to show your Carbon Meter.

You need to do your diary every week - to make the sea level go down. Your island gets bigger and you can add more things. If you forget to do your diary for a week, the island gets a bit flooded, and you lose some of the objects.

Try to get through all 6 Levels. After that you can have the best island by having the best carbon meter. Put on more things that save carbon, and take off some things that consume carbon!